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Orchestration for Data, Machine Learning and Infrastructure

In music, orchestration is the process that ensures a large ensemble of individual instruments play their parts on time and in tempo.
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From Incubation to Graduation, and Beyond: FlytePath

2021 was a fantastic year for Flyte — 100+ features and 20+ integrations were added, 1000+ community members joined us, production deployments across
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Kelsey Hightower Panel: “Machine Learning in Production”

Kelsey Hightower discusses Machine Learning in Production during a 90 minute Twitter Spaces event. Read the transcript.
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MLOps AMA Session with Ketan Umare

MLOps AMA Session with Ketan Umare CEO/co-founder and Flyte TSC Chair Ketan Umare was recently featured on an MLOps Community “Ask Me Anything” session.
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