Join A Community, Not Just A Team

When you join us, you join the community! At, we care deeply about our open-source developer community and recognize the importance of nurturing it as we continue to scale. We want to empower our employees to put our customers first as we set out to build scalable infrastructure that gives our users the time back to be more productive.

When possible, we prioritize hiring from our talented pool of community contributors. Knowing the product and the people can be a great advantage for job seekers as you think about the type of work you want to make an impact towards and the team members you would collaborate with along the way.

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The values that help us scale

1. Customer Focused

We get immense satisfaction from helping our customers and community members solve real problems. When our customers win, we win and we see ourselves as an extension of their success. We create, advocate for and foster community in the ways we work with our end users. This includes our internal team members across Our open source communities and our external customer communities.

2. Take Action

We value quick action and fast iterations over long-running deliberation. We recognize that speed is as much of a competitive differentiator as any feature we could build and that our ability to move quickly is a key factor in our ability to work iteratively, test hypotheses and drive to a better outcome for our customers.

3. Maintain Trust

We recognize that healthy, high-performing teams are also high trust teams. We continually seek to earn the trust of our peers, customers and the open-source community. We avoid “trust busting” decisions such as compromises in quality or reliability that negatively impact our team or our customers. We work with each other respectfully at all times and look to establish trust in all our interactions.

4. Fearless Innovation

We recognize that innovation often comes from surprising places. We encourage experimentation, data driven analysis and fast feedback loops. While failure without learning should always be avoided, experimentation and fast failure with learning should be encouraged. We work to provide an environment where individuals can push beyond what they think they’re capable of and seek ambitious goals.

5. Extreme Ownership

We go beyond basic accountability and strive to be true owners of our work and of the company. We are outcome driven and we celebrate these outcomes and the impact they have on the organization, our community and our customers. We value and expect leadership without authority from everyone here regardless of level or job title.

6. Seek Diverse Perspectives

We actively seek partnerships with other industry leaders to integrate complementary technologies and expertise. We strive to provide holistic solutions that meet our customers (known and yet to be discovered) where they are. We lead with genuine interest in the perspectives of others and seek those perspectives out as we look to make decisions.

Benefits that put you first

Invest in your future

401K Match: matches 100% of contributions up to the first 3%, and 50% up to 5%.

Unplug from work

Unlimited PTO + 12 paid holidays.

Family first

Generous parental leave for either caregiver.


Comprehensive paid medical, dental and vision plans for you and your dependents.

Device advantage

Your company laptop is yours to keep after 2 years — we will replace it with a new one.

Benefits vary

These benefits vary by country.