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Frictionless Machine Learning to Production

Union Cloud is a managed version of Flyte™. It frees data and ML teams from infrastructure constraints and setup so they can focus on ML production.

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See how Union Cloud (with Flyte™) can increase your team’s productivity and cut expenses

  • Turn your ETL and machine learning code into scalable tasks and workflows
  • Run executions and keep data and code secure in your infrastructure
  • An extensible plugin system enables you to use the tools and frameworks your workflows depend on such as Pandera, MLflow, Spark and many more.
  • Accelerate your data and ML research, production and deploy cycles
  • Facilitate collaboration across data and ML teams
  • Share code across training and inference phases
  • Leverage caching to save valuable GPU resources
“Our provisions time is at least two times faster on average. The model execution time, we have three times faster, and the cost, which we can actually probably further optimize with minimal configuration and optimization, is at least three times cheaper. And so over time, we’re expecting to save even more.”
— Katrina Palen, Staff ML Platform Engineer at Stash