Flyte: Effortless Data & ML Workflows for Production

Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or GCP, try Union Cloud, powered by the award-winning Flyte™ orchestrator, to reduce project time, boilerplate code, and total pipeline costs by up to 90%.

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See how companies use Union Cloud’s Flyte™ engine to build, observe and deploy ML Pipelines more efficiently.
Learn why leading AI companies use Flyte™ to build, manage and deploy their data and ML pipelines.

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Discover why top ML organizations choose Flyte over alternatives like Airflow, Kubeflow, Prefect, and more

Kubernetes-native data and ML workflows without overhead

To develop excellent products, leading companies must coordinate complex workflows that integrate data, analytics and machine learning. Whether they use their own infrastructure or host on Union Cloud, these organizations choose Flyte over Airflow, Kubeflow and other orchestrators.

Berlin-based Kineo provides AI solutions to clients in many industries. To deliver those solutions efficiently at scale, Kineo had to solve workflow challenges from its Kubeflow orchestration platform: lack of support for local execution, time-consuming code conversions from Jupyter Notebook to pipeline, and limited ML type support.

How Kineo Achieves Business Goals with Flyte™

“We really think that there’s business value using AI in every industry.”

— Jan Fiedler, MLOpsEengineer at Kineo

To reduce harmful greenhouse gases 45% by 2025, MethaneSAT will need to measure daily global methane emissions from 30 different targets every day. It will use Union Cloud’s powerhouse Flyte™ engine as its production task orchestrator.

How MethaneSAT is Using Flyte™ to Power a Global Methane-Reduction Mission from Space

“We’re really excited about the capabilities that this project will enable us to do, and Flyte™’s going to get us there.”

– Nicholas LoFaso, Senior Platform Software Engineer at MethaneSAT

In 2022, fintech company Stash compared orchestration platforms and chose Union Cloud’s core engine, Flyte™. Stash cut its provision time by 50%, reduced its model execution time by 65% and lowered its compute costs by 67%.

How Stash Cut Pipeline Compute Costs by 67% with Flyte™

“We want to make writing a workflow for people’s jobs pleasant and straightforward. … [I]f it’s not simple and easy, people aren’t going to adopt the technology, so this one was a really big one for us.”

— Katrina Palen, ML Platform Engineer at Stash uses AI models and satellite imagery to generate real-time, accurate, searchable and photorealistic digital 3D maps of the entire planet. To run AI detection and content generation, Blackshark turned to the Flyte™ orchestration engine behind Union Cloud. 

Why Chose Flyte™ to Support Earth’s ‘Digital Twin’

“We don't want to be limited to a single cloud provider, so having the ability to run everything through Kubernetes is is amazing for us.”

— Maarten de Jong, Python Developer at

Creating quarterly two-year P&L projections for the digital media giant required three to four weeks’ work from 15 teams. With Union Cloud’s Flyte™ engine, Spotify’s finance team built a single workflow to crunch the data in real time.

To Deliver Complex Financial Reports, Spotify Turns to Flyte™

“For data scientists, being able to get up and running on Flyte™, and getting all of this stuff for free, is a really big win.”

— Dylan Wilder, Engineering Manager at Spotify

Gojek’s services range from food and transportation to payments and entertainment. When it was time to graduate from its homegrown orchestration system to a unified platform, the Gojek team chose Union Cloud’s Flyte™ orchestration engine.

To Drive its Growing Services, Gojek Looks to Flyte™

“For data, our platform has to scale to handle an order or two of magnitude [more] than what we currently have. We are happy with our experience so far with Flyte™.”

— Pradithya Aria Pura, Principal Software Engineer at Gojek

Flyte vs. Union Cloud

Flyte is available in two forms: a self-managed version and a version managed within Union Cloud.

We created Union Cloud to simplify the use of Flyte, which can be complex and typically requires dedicated specialists for setup. Union Cloud operates in your cloud environment. It extends Flyte’s features, offering enhanced visibility, inherent security, additional monitoring, and authorization.

Flyte Slider
Union Cloud Slider

Many of these features can be realized in both the open source project, Flyte, and the managed solution, Union Cloud. However, standing up and managing Flyte™ can be complex, and often requires dedicated infrastructure specialists to maintain the cluster and associated resources. Union Cloud is a managed solution that runs in your cloud environment and provides additional observability, built-in security, integrated monitoring and authorization.

“With Union Cloud as our standardized workflow orchestration platform, we can stop managing our own systems and infrastructure, and instead focus on antibody discovery and development.”
Alex Ford, Head of Data Platform at AbCellera Biologics
Leave us your business email, and we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to set up a demo.

A proven solution for data and machine learning workflows at scale

“Gojek is experiencing rapid growth and incorporating machine learning into various products. To sustain this growth and guarantee success, a reliable and scalable pipeline solution is critical. Flyte plays a vital role as a key component of Gojek’s ML Platform by providing exactly that.”

Pradithya Aria Pura, Principal Software Engineer at Gojek

Data Visualization

Visualization makes data easier to comprehend. Union Cloud provides first-class support for rendering data plots.

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Workflow Visualization

Enable comprehensive visualization through every step of your workflow to visualize your data, monitor your models & view training history through plots.

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Data and ML practitioners require the ability to experiment and iterate without disrupting their workflow.

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Task Level Monitoring

Experience enhanced task-level monitoring with Union Cloud, empowering entire teams with valuable insights to optimize their workflows.

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The data and AI platform for faster product innovation

Union Cloud is a hosted version of Flyte™, managed by Flyte™’s creators.

As your growing data and ML pipelines require more computing power, your workflow orchestration platform must keep pace. Union Cloud is designed to scale, so you won’t have to worry about constant monitoring and maintenance. With Union Cloud, you can easily handle changing workloads and resource requirements, so your data and ML workflows always have the resources they need to succeed.

Kubernetes-native Union Cloud’s advanced resource management for large-scale data processing and AI workloads includes automatic resource allocation, automatic scaling and self-healing. Precisely adjust resources within your code — either during runtime or with real-time resource calculations — without modifying the underlying infrastructure. Optimize resources seamlessly, and enhance the overall efficiency of your system.

Union Cloud lets you package applications as containers and deploy them to your preferred cloud environments (like AWS or GCP) and even on-premise data centers. Deploying cloud-agnostic AI and data pipelines ensures workflows run in the best environment for the specific workload.

According to Gartner’s 2021 AI in Organizations Survey, organizations take an average of 7.3 months to move an AI initiative from prototype to production, and 47% of organizations take more than six months on average. Union Cloud reduces up to 90% of boilerplate code and delivers data, AI and analytics faster than any other platform.

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