Union Support

Union Support is available for platform issues and functionality questions; subject-matter expertise on user code and workflow optimization; feature requests; subscription changes; and billing inquiries.

Union support model

Our support model is based on how mission-critical specific workflows are to your business and how significantly specific technical issues affect them. We use a Severity-based model to gauge how significantly the defect or issue impacts the functionality of Union Cloud.


Severity 1

Implies a large-scale impact, such as platform down. There is no workaround available, and Union Cloud staff is needed immediately.


Severity 2

Includes isolated platform issues or degraded performance with no workarounds. These include intermittent failures of previously successful workflows as well as scheduling delays.


Severity 3

Events have minor platform impact. Platform or functionality issues may have viable workarounds. These also include time-sensitive user questions, such as scale-up requests and debugging support for situations that affect business operations.


Severity 4

Events have no impact on the platform. Workaround works well for any functionality issues. This category includes general user questions such as compilation/registration errors, configuration adjustments, re-write, planned scale-up requests, failures in user code or questions not answered by documentation.

Union support offerings


Best for workflows with high business impact


Ideal for high-priority, mission-critical workflows

Platform and User Support

24x7 follow-the-sun coverage

Sev 1

Sev 1-2

12x5 US-only coverage

Sev 2-4

Sev 3-4

Initial Response Time Target

Sev 1 - Urgent

4 hours

1 hour

Sev 2 - High

8 hours

2 hours

Sev 3 - Normal

24 hours

4 hours

Sev 4 - Low

48 hours

12 hours

Email-based ticketing support



Real-time message-based support: Slack, in-app help widget, et al.

First 3 months only


Ad hoc or scheduled, hands-on office hours for user support

Once a month for the first quarter, 30 min each

Four times a month, 30 min each

General Q&A sessions, training refreshers, QBRs, check-ins, et al.

Once a quarter


Assigned CS ML Engineer with a comprehensive understanding of your workflows and stack



Assigned CSM to help you meet your business and technical objectives, prioritize feature requests, integrations, et al.





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