Sage Elliott

Reflections from NVIDIA GTC 2024: Innovations, Insights, and the Future Unveiled


After an electrifying NVIDIA GTC 2024, I’ve been back in Seattle going through my notes, photos, and a whirlwind of memories!

After an electrifying NVIDIA GTC 2024, I’ve been back in Seattle going through my notes, photos, and a whirlwind of memories! GTC has always been a beacon for the tech community, a place where the future of AI, computing, robotics, and graphics all come together. This year was no expectation, especially with the current AI boom, and first time being back in-person since 2019!

Union was lucky enough to have a booth in the main expo hall surrounded by many people (and robots) building amazing things! Our AI orchestration platform fit incredibly well in the “MLOPs & LLMOps” section of the hall and resonated with everyone building complex AI applications. If you’re interested in learning more about why, check out or book a demo!

💡 Fun fact: We gave away 500 pairs of socks!

Union at GTC talking about ai orchestration and MLOps

The Keynote: Breakthroughs and Innovations 🗣️

The keynote, led by Jensen Huang, NVIDIA's CEO, showcased their amazing breakthroughs giving a glimpse into the future of computing expanding what's possible today. The keynote made NVIDIA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible clear with the announcement of the Blackwell GPU architecture. 

The sheer power and efficiency of Blackwell promises to redefine high-performance computing as we know it with 208 billion transistors and a 10 terabytes per second (TB/s) chip-to-chip interconnection! 🤯 

The GTC Keynote also showed NVIDIA's latest advancements in tools and frameworks to democratize and accelerate AI and robotics development, making it more accessible to researchers, developers, and companies across the world. Check out the Keynote recap below.

Networking: The Heart of GTC ❤️

Beyond the keynote, sessions, and showcases GTC is all about the community! The chance to meet with so many industry leaders, pioneers, and friends all in one place was incredible.

The countless conversations I had provided insights and connections that just can’t be reproduced in a virtual setting. From discussing the latest LLM developments, responsible AI, or how to build better MLOps best practices, these interactions are the heart of the conference experience for me!

Just a few of the amazing people in the AI space I ran into.

The Future is Accelerated! (with GPUs) 📈

Looking back at NVIDIA GTC, the main feelings I’m struck with are inspiration and optimism. The pace of innovation in the AI and computing space is wild, and NVIDIA is certainly at the forefront, driving us towards a future where the potential of AI and computing is limitless. 

Outside of just being excited I also appreciated the shared sense of responsibility. As a community we’re not just building tools, we’re shaping the future of the modern world. Topics around accessibility, ML monitoring, and responsible AI were more common than ever before among my discussions. 

I can’t wait to keep building and attend again next year!

If you missed the demo at our booth, you can still set up a virtual demo with us!