Deva DeDios

Flyte Weekly Community Raffle: Let’s Soar to New Heights


Hello, Flyte community! The Union team behind Flyte is thrilled to announce the Flyte Community Raffle! 

Hello, Flyte community! The Union team behind Flyte is thrilled to announce the Flyte Community Raffle! 

We’re enthusiastic about achieving significant milestones for Flyte in 2024 and would be grateful for your support in our journey. As always, we’ll need your support to carry the open-source AI orchestration platform past significant milestones in 2024, and to show new users its transformative power. 

To show our gratitude while we grow the community and inspire new contributions, this raffle will give you a chance to win exciting prizes every time you contribute to Flyte’s codebase and community! 

Flyte Community Raffle

Union’s Flyte Community Raffle will run weekly until Friday, Feb. 9, 2024. Each Friday, the Union team will contact the week’s winner to claim one of the prizes below.

Raffle prizes (Please note: Prizes may vary depending on location):

This raffle is open to Flyte community members and anyone who wants to learn more about ML in production. 

Entering the raffle

Step 1: Here are ways to earn raffle tickets: 

  • Star the Flyte repo and/or refer a friend to star the repo = 5 tickets
  • Write a blog about your experience with Flyte or share a success story with how Flyte has helped your project(s) = 5 tickets
  • Contribute to Flyte through code or docs = 5 tickets
  • Join the Slack community and/or refer a friend to join the Slack community = 3 tickets
  • Tag Flyte/Union and a friend on an X or LinkedIn post to check out Flyte = 3 tickets
  • Assist community members with issues in Slack = 2 tickets
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and/or X/Twitter = 1 ticket

Step 2: Fill out the submission form to enter formally. You’ll receive a personal confirmation email from the Union team.

Step 3: You’re done!

More actions = more tickets. You can collect up to 10 tickets for the length of the raffle. After you complete a qualifying task, add it to your submission form.

Note: All entries are eligible every week of the raffle, so each week is another opportunity to win. The winner will be chosen via random draw and announced at the end of the week on Union’s social media and the Flyte Slack channel. If you are chosen, you must claim your prize within 14 days of being notified or you will forfeit.


Q: If I have already completed an action in the past, can that count as an entry?
A: No. To be eligible, you must complete the action within the timeframe of the raffle.

Q: Can I enter multiple times for the same action (e.g., writing two blog posts, making multiple social posts and tagging Flyte, or referring multiple friends to star the repo)?
A: Yes, you can enter multiple times through the same action — up to the 10-ticket limit.

Reaching new heights

Let’s continue to build a vibrant and inclusive community that empowers individuals and organizations alike to create impactful AI-powered solutions. Thanks again for being an integral part of our community, and we look forward to your continued support in reaching new heights this year! 

If you have any questions about the raffle or how to enter or contribute, feel free to reach out to our team on Slack. Best of luck!