Shalabh Chaudhri

Union is now available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace!

We’re excited to announce that the Union platform is now available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. With GCP Marketplace integration, you can subscribe to Union using your existing GCP marketplace billing setup and even utilize your GCP credits towards your Union subscription.

Union provides a centralized platform that lets data scientists and ML engineers write AI-powered applications natively in Python, leverage common libraries like PyTorch and TensorFlow, and perform distributed model training. Once code is written and tested locally, engineers can deploy and scale remotely in a Kubernetes cluster managed by Union within the customer's GCP cloud project. 

Why Choose Union on GCP Marketplace?

Purchasing Union through GCP Marketplace provides several advantages:

  • Simplified procurement and transactions: Forget the hassle of order forms, quotes, or contracts. The entire process is seamless, saving you time and reducing procurement steps.
  • Consolidated Billing: All Union fees will appear directly on your GCP bill, simplifying your accounting process and giving you a clear overview of your expenses. 
  • Commitment Flexibility: Your Union subscription can count towards your Google Cloud Commitment Program, offering more flexibility in managing your cloud resources.
  • Credit Eligibility: You could apply eligible Google Cloud Credits to your Union fees, providing an excellent opportunity to maximize your existing resources.

How to get started with Union on GCP Marketplace

Subscribing to Union through the GCP Marketplace is straightforward. Here's how you can get started:

  • Contact Union Sales: Contact our Sales team to let us know you're interested in purchasing Union through the GCP Marketplace, and we'll guide you through the process.
  • Receive a Private Offer: After contacting our sales team, you'll receive a private offer directly within the Google Cloud Marketplace. This offer will outline all the details of your Union subscription.
  • Review and Accept: Take a moment to review the terms of the offer. Once you're ready, simply click "Accept" to proceed. The Union fees will then be integrated into your GCP project billing console for a streamlined billing process.
  • Utilize Google Cloud Credits: One of the great benefits of purchasing Union through the GCP Marketplace is the potential to use your Google Cloud Credits. Check with your Google Cloud sales team to see if your credits can be applied toward Union fees.

Learn more by contacting our Sales team or find us on GCP Marketplace.