Union Cloud

Union was founded in 2021 by engineers from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and most recently, Lyft, where they created Flyte.


You run and manage Flyte yourself on any Kubernetes (K8s) deployment, either at one of the hosting providers or on premise.  This is the most common method today, and supports mission critical workflows running now in continuous use on almost every continent. (If you are running Flyte in Antarctica please reach out!)

Fully Managed

Union manages the Flyte servers and the K8s execution plane that executes your tasks and workflows.  You upload or otherwise grant access to your data, register your workflows on Github, and Union takes care of the rest.  You and your team do not need to know anything about managing a production K8s environment.

Hybrid Deployment

In the hybrid topology you and your team manage access to all the data and the compute plane that executes tasks on Kubenetes.  Union manages the Flyte installation that orchestrates the workflows via a K8s operator that acts as an agent between your network and ours.  This relieves your team from managing Flyte itself, but you do still manage the compute resources and data access.  This is appropriate for installations where data privacy is of utmost concern.

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