Las Vegas, NV

Meet Union at AWS re:invent

Meet Union at AWS re:invent

Connect with Union at AWS re:invent, November 27-30, and discover how the Union platform can be managed in your AWS VPC to power your production-level data and AI workloads. 

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Bring your own cloud and we’ll take care of the rest

Union can be managed in your AWS VPC to provide a platform for developing and deploying data and AI workflows with seamless integrations of the existing tools in your tech stack—including PyTorch, HuggingFace, Pandera, Spark and many others. 

Use cases

  • Gen AI on AWS
  • ~Looking to leverage LLMs in your applications? Union can help teams efficiently train LLMs by providing scalable infrastructure on AWS instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs, resource optimization, and a collaborative platform. 
  • Machine Learning
  • ~Accelerate your machine learning journey from experimental to enterprise grade with a platform that is purpose built to train, deploy, and manage your ML models at scale.