Sage Elliott

Intro to AI Pipelines: Build Reliable ML Workflows

Intro to AI Pipelines: Build Reliable ML Workflows

This workshop will equip you with the skills to effectively build your AI pipelines and reliable ML workflows using Python, scikit-learn and Flyte/Union. What you'll learn can be transferred to more complex AI pipelines and machine learning libraries.

The Modern MLOps tooling will provide a reliable framework for your machine learning operations by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and adding reproducibility to your AI applications.

This workshop will cover

  • Basic ML & MLOps concepts
  • Reliable & Reproducible ML pipelines
  • Hands-on Building an ML pipeline

What you'll need to follow along

  • A free account (
  • A GitHub account for authentication
  • A Google account to run code in Colab

Note: For ease of setup we'll be using Union's serverless AI orchestartion platform for the workshop, but you can also implement the same pipelines in Flyte, the open-source platform on your own compute clusters.

Who should attend

Anyone interested in building better machine learning pipelines, AI applications and MLOps best practices should attend. This workshop is designed to be approachable for most skill levels. Familiarity with machine learning and Python is strongly encouraged but not required.

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to build a reliable machine learning pipeline with Python, scikit-learn, and Union. What you'll learn can be transfered to more complex AI pipelines and libraries.

About the Speaker

Sage an AI engineer and developer advocate who loves educating people and making ML applications more reliable. He's taught thousands of people during live workshops how to get started with Python, machine learning, computer vision, and AI observability.

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