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Focus on Data,
Not Infrastructure

Union, a managed version of the Flyte™ workflow orchestrator, is the backbone for any serious data projects. Build data pipelines that are reliable, easy to maintain and scalable out of the box, creating business value from day one.

“We’re going to have 10,000-plus CPUs that we plan to use every day to process the raw data. There’ll be 30 different targets, approximately, that we’re collecting data on every day. That’s about 200 GB of raw data and probably 2 TB or so on the output … and we’re leaning heavily on Flyte™ to make that happen.”

— Nicholas LoFaso, Senior Platform Software Engineer at MethaneSAT

1. Extract

Efficiently retrieve data from various sources, such as Postgres databases.

4. Load

Easily store transformed data into destinations like Postgres warehouses.

2. Transform

Seamlessly process and manipulate data using powerful tools like Pandas.

3. Validate

Ensure data quality and consistency through comprehensive validation processes.

Robust pipelines

A versatile and efficient management solution fore data pipelines: Union offers VPs of engineering seamless support for data workflows, including ETL and ELT processes. It integrates effortlessly with tools like Postgres and Pandas for limitless scalability and comprehensive observability.

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Slash costs

Union’s precise data monitoring tracks resource use for individual tasks. Slash your data engineering costs while you benefit from limitless scalability.

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Powerful DAGs, observability & cost-efficient engineering

Adaptable workflows

You need tailored data workflows that can grow and evolve. Union’s robust Kubernetes-native platform lets you develop and scale complex workflows that use the minimum resources required. Depend on Union for reliable and scalable data orchestration that adapts to your business.

Adaptable workflows

Centralized & collaborative

Modern workflows call for collaboration across data, engineering & ML. Union’s platform spans those teams with a centralized infrastructure where you can define tool interactions & streamline development of data workflows — enhancing productivity & innovation.

Centralized and collaborative

Limitless: Union powered by Flyte™

Flyte™ is a machine learning orchestrator that enforces an architectural design pattern for data and machine learning workflows. Union is built on top of Flyte™ and lets ML engineers and data scientists focus on their work instead of managing infrastructure. Union with Flyte™ makes it easy for data scientists and ML engineers to focus on their ML and model pipelines.

Infinitely scalable

Union lets you effortlessly expand your ML workflows, capitalizing on its virtually unlimited capabilities for growth and adaptability.

Built for scale

Union employs the Kubernetes-native Flyte™ engine — designed to handle extensive ML operations — to optimize performance even of large-scale deployments.

Language agnostic

Union provides data scientists and ML engineers the flexibility to compose workflows in their preferred programming languages, fostering seamless collaboration and innovation.

Versioned workflows

Union’s versioned workflows preserve the history of your runs, empowering you to track progress and easily revert to previous iterations when necessary.


Union’s multi-tenant support lets multiple teams collaborate on a unified platform, promoting efficient knowledge sharing and streamlined teamwork.

Data lineage

Union enhances end-to-end data observability by tracking data lineage, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of data transformations and dependencies throughout the ML pipeline.

Strong typing

Union incorporates robust compile-time checks to bulletproof your workflows, reducing the likelihood of errors and increasing overall reliability.


Union’s inherent parallelism reduces wait times for your workflows, equipping you to execute tasks concurrently and complete projects more quickly.

Maximal efficiency

Union ensures that you don't have to rerun workflows if assumptions remain unchanged, optimizing resource usage and promoting maximal efficiency.

A platform for every orchestration use case

Union is a versatile solution that can help you address any custom orchestration challenge, not just those related to machine learning.

Machine Learning

Ease your way into orchestrating ML workflows with a heavy dose of infrastructure abstraction.

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Analyze and visualize trends and patterns in your data with native data-crunchers and FlyteDecks.

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Generate biological insights faster by collaborating on a centralized platform.

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Your Use Case

Build Flyte™ workflows to effectively address your orchestration challenge.

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