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Create Value, Not Overhead

Union unlocks value from data. Across industries, organizations of every size leverage Union’s Flyte™ engine to support their FP&A, Marketing & Sales departments with actionable insights & optimization strategies. Union is designed to help business operations without generating additional overhead. Pure value.

“As engineers, a lot of this might be table stakes for us. But for data scientists, being able to get [financial analytics] up and running on Flyte™ and getting all of this stuff for free has been a really big win for them.”

— Dylan Wilder, Engineering Manager at Spotify

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Visualize data & uncover insights

Data visualization is a powerful tool for revealing insights and recognizing trends and patterns. Powered by Flyte™, Union.ai enables data visualization at every step of your analytics workflow, so you can understand your data completely and use it to reach key strategic insights.

Share analytics insights

Maximizing the value of data analytics requires organizations to break down silos and reduce handoffs among domain experts. Union and its Flyte™ engine comprise a unified platform for seamless collaboration, consolidating analytics models from multiple teams that use diverse technologies.

Unified Interface

Control versions of analytics workflows

A multi-team environment needs reliable versioning to track and manage dependencies. The Union.ai platform simplifies processes and neatly organizes information, making it easier to monitor and manage dependencies and modifications.

Enhance your workflows, just the way you need

A platform for every orchestration use case

Union is a versatile solution that can help you address any custom orchestration challenge, not just those related to machine learning.

Machine Learning

Ease your way into orchestrating ML workflows with a heavy dose of infrastructure abstraction.

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Build scalable and robust data workflows faster with strongly typed interfaces and data provenance.

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Generate biological insights faster by collaborating on a centralized platform.

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Your Use Case

Build Flyte™ workflows to effectively address your orchestration challenge.

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